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El Quelite at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay

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El Quelite, Mexico - Colonial Pearl of Mazatlán

Break away from the sea and sand of Mazatlán to explore the rural town of El Quelite - 20 miles northeast of Mazatlán. Framed by the Pacific Ocean, Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains and El Quelite River, the beautiful Colonial Village of El Quelite is a journey back in time with historic architecture and an agricultural lifestyle of its Spanish colonial past. Stroll along tiled and cobbled streets through the town square to see Colonial architecture, painted buildings and colorful flowers spilling over sidewalks. Discover elegant colonial houses with red roof tiles blanketed by colorful bougainvilleas. Experience the ranchero lifestyle at cattle ranches, fruit orchards and dairy farms.

El Quelite Trips from Mazatlán Hotels. Take a fun day trip to El Quelite from the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa, a breathtaking beach resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a pristine beach. Emerald Bay Resort offers guided trips to this tranquil colonial village, as well as rental cars to explore the countryside on your own journey. Our magnificent oceanfront resort is a sanctuary for your spirit, with beautiful villas facing the sea and mangroves, a luxury spa, world-class dining, bars, colorful gardens and pathways that wind to the ocean. Relax on the private beach, float away in sparkling pools, enjoy soothing spa therapies, dive in the ocean and explore El Quelite's rural beauty and history. Find out about Mazatlán Family Vacation Packages.

El Quelite Mexico

El Quelite, Mexico - Culture, Cuisine & Countrysides. Feel the history of El Quelite in the historic 19th-century church with oil paintings from the late 17th century. Enjoy the aromas of bakeries, tortilla shops and cafes that serve delicious cuisine and local dishes of machaca, asado and chilorio. Visit traditional country homes dating back to 1865. Enjoy a cerveza at the historic Mesón de los Laureanos, with a cantina amid a flowering courtyard. See how different cultures honor history at the cemetery. Walk in the countryside, go horseback riding, climb picturesque hills to marvel at a sunset, and experience a diversity of plants, trees and flowers.